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Nocturnal Animal

Only three pictures.

I wanted to have a nighttime shoot with Fu, because her eyes catch light in a very interesting way. I had a tiny flashlight with me and all. Then my camera battery died after six pictures. And three of said six were presentable.


Aku and the gang

Magical Forest

Okay. I officially CAN NOT believe it has been over a year since I last posted. Then again, the last year has been crazy. Suprise move about 700 km from one town to another, finishing my thesis super fast, finishing my final internship and getting a steady job at the same place.

Anyhooow. I think these pictures were taken around...September? There is the most wonderful magical forest near where we live now.

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Love, Aku and the gang

Kumo and the Potato

I had some potatoes growing in our balcony. Well, we ate them already (I was dumbfounded to realize my "just put these old potatoes in a bag full of dirt and see what happens" -plan actually worked), but I had time to do some Kumo-shooting before picking the roots up. Isn't it just the cutest little creature?

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Kumo in Forest

We were visiting my hubbys' mom. Nearby there are some fairy-like forests... Kumo fit right in! Too bad the sun was really bright, so the lighting was challenging at best. But it did get at least a couple nice shots. Maybe next time I'll use Kumos open-eye head. :)

Also, I seem to have lost the box-opening pictures for Kumo. :o I have a feeling I had not copied them to my pc before I gave my camera sd-card a full formatting!

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Karl and the Winter Sun

I'm pretty sure these are some photos I have not posted before. Just found them in my camera... Sooo...have some spring winter pics to brighten up you autumn? :D

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Aku and the gang

My newest baby

I finally got that Darkhorn. I actually had to make the order again, but anyway, I got it. I'll post the box opening pictures later. :) Here's one of the dragon after blushing & painting.

Name is Kumo, by the way, and I'm trying to avoid using pronouns because damn this English language and it's genderized (is that even a word?) pronouns. Kumo has no gender or sex whatsoever. It's more like an astral being. A water dragon.

Aku and the gang.

Green and Pink

Hey, I'm back for a moment again. :) School, work and actually having some sort of social life is bad for your hobbies, you know. ^_^;;

Ekaterina and Uniatar, nice summer evening (haven't had too many of those this year!) plus my balcony plantation.

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Aku and the gang


A.k.a. November. But I had to write it in Finnish to bring out the feeling. For every Finn, November is what you can see in these pictures. Thank God it's almost January.

The pictures are'n very good quality-wise, well, because it was damn dark and I didn't bring my tripod. But I kinda like the fuzzyness. It gives that little extra on the "It's funcking dark and cold and damn I just wanna go sit inside with a huge cup of hot choco." -novemberism.

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Aku and the gang
Happy Holidays to each and everyone!


ps. I actually have a shot taken...I'll upload it sometime soon, even though it's not very wintery. ^^;