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3 January
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Me, the mistress of this blog is named Akuliina, often found in places by the nick Auntie Aku, and me is a woman born in January 1988.

So this is to be a blog for the stories, photoshoots and such of my sweet sweet ABJ Dolls, since all the people can't go and see them on the Hartsilapset forum.
I have four dolls nowadays. I make most of the clothes and props myself, and I naturally try to credit when something is not my doing.

My "first born"s name is Uniatar ("Dreamess"), and she is DollZone Fenyo (45cm tall). The face-up is by me. I've also customized her wig: I bought a plain white curly one and sew some pink fibre in.

First of the newer ones is Taivonlapsi ("Heavenchild"), who is DollZone Hong head fitted on DollZone 61cm Boy Body. His faceup is also by me, and I have customized his wig a little as well. The blonde part is ready made, I added some orange fibre.

Third comes Etoilé (I'm much hoping that would be French for "a star"). She's DollZone Orlando head, and Resinsoul 1/3 Girl Body. The face-up is by yours truly.

My fourth-born has nothing to do with the rest, he's a little fellow I just fell in love with. You can call him Karl (I often say "Kalle"), but he is DollZone Figaro. He is styled after a person I look up to, and I bought him in the first place since he reminded me of said person.

I'm also planning on getting a RingDoll RTbody 1 with Dylan head or DollZOne Meigi, and name him Antoine...but that'll take a lots of saving still!